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10Media Group Launches Its Affiliate Marketing Program in Nigeria.

10Media Group Launches Its Affiliate Marketing Program in Nigeria.



10media group is a leading affiliate marketing site in Nigeria today. We recently began operations and our website is now up and running for you, our dear clients to see. We are a world class establishment driven by one purpose, our financial incentive to boost the sales of the products of our partners, helping you showcase and market your commodities for the world to see.
We are a content marketing organization. We aim at helping our clients create and distribute valuable content and helping our clients acquire a target audience with the sole purpose of boosting overall commodity sales. Our passion and dedication is to create an enabling market for you, acquire a target audience and get the best consumer response possible. Our goal is not only to help you achieve but to also help you exceed in your business objectives.

Our organization is established on the core values of client satisfaction and development of a sound, long-lasting company-client relationship with our clients. Our sole mission is to creatively market our clients’ content and help you achieve your business objectives and surpass them. We are a focused marketing group and are fully sold-out to supporting our clients’ business ideas all the way.
Our services cover the marketing of mobile content, gaming, forex, applications and finance campaigns, content development and content promotion. We have a highly trained team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you pursue your business objectives, provide you with a target audience and help ensure that there is positive customer response.
Of course, we cannot work alone. We consult you on your opinions about our proposed ideas concerning your business based on the marketing objectives you present to us. We will willingly work with you to ensure that your content is tailored according to your very desires and ensure that it attracts the right audience.

To learn more about 10 media group, who we are, what we do or to partner with us, email us at or call +2347062767157 or visit our website Our corporate address: 10, Admiralty Road, Lekki Peninsula, Lagos, Nigeria.